Weight Losing Foods Which Make Weight Loss a Breeze

Alli is the over the counter version of a prescriptionLumaslim Reviewfat blocker. It works on the enzymes responsible for fat absorption to prevent your body from taking in up to twenty-five percent of the fat it consumes. It can be effective when used with a diet and in studies people on the pill lost up to fifty percent more weight than people on a placebo. However, the pill can also be associated with bouts of lower intestinal distress and can cause deficiencies of fat soluble vitamins.

Because of the danger of vitamin deficiency, Alli is only recommended for people with a BMI of 27 or higher.

Meridian is another over the counter diet pill, but instead of blocking fat, this pill works on the chemicals in the brain that control appetite. It will make you feel fuller faster from a meal, allowing you to eat less and stick to your diet easier. However, it has also been shown to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke in users, so once again it should only be used by obese patients with a doctor's recommendation.