What is Agrobiology?

Agrobiology 106 were fatal and no more no further cases have been reported in Malaysia at this time the next outbreak so as I kind of mentioned the reservoir for Nipah virus is thought be the flying fox and this is a type of fruit bat does anybody know what the other one another virus that the flying fox is a reservoir for well it's not proven for yeah Hendra virus is another one that Hendra virus is a virus that affects horses or has been shown to affect horses in Australia and so they did a kind of the these two viruses have been associated with the flying fox okay so Ebola where we obviously can't cover this it's a huge a huge talk in and of itself and all these these topics were but we'll just kind of briefly discuss a few things so prior to 2013 a lot of bull outbreaks were sporadic it wasn't until then that they a lot of the kind of pandemic as we