What is Parasitic Pathogens?

Parasitic Pathogens there are a whole bunch of theories out there exactly how they make these holes and these barrel stave or toriel pore formation is irrelevant for this discussion but essentially they make channels in the membrane of the microbe and you have flux of ions going in and out sometimes that's enough to kill the organism or some of the MPs are reported to go inside the cell and in effect interfere with DNA replication messenger RNA synthesis protein synthesis protein formation fold etc before in is a peptide from a frog power of course it's from an insect Josephson is actually a item softener molecule appellation is from honeybees each of these has been studied and has a different effect inside the cell this is usually a bacterial cell so the whole idea is if we can get amps into the bacterium can we create new drugs the problem is many of our apps are effective against bacteria or against parasites the problem is that we can never deliver a high enough concentration to wipe out a bacterial population so the idea is can we modify